Recent trends in the marketing sector suggests that the careful consideration and execution of a formal review process is more important than ever if brands are to maintain a healthy and productive relationship with their agencies. With raising rates of public ownership and consolidation, the increased diversity and complexity of compensation and performance incentives setting the stage for agency relationships, a re-examination of the marketer’s agency evaluation process may be in order.

This white paper is designed to give marketers and agencies some insight into what measures can be taken to establish clearly defined expectations form the onset, how can the agency evaluation be structured to result in actionable steps for improvement, and how can incentive plans be implemented to reflect a direct tie between performance and compensation. This report is designed to start rather than end a dialog.


  • Why conduct an agency performance evaluation?
  • Defining expectations
  • Managing the agency performance review process
  • Tying performance to compensation
  • Buidling stronger partnerships through transparency
  • Case studies: Samsung, BMW
Winning at Agency Relationships
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