This white paper is designed to give marketers and their agencies some insight into important questions related to how to conduct the agency review process in a more effective way . We have developed answers to these questions based on our extensive consulting experience leading discussions for Coca-Cola, General Motors, Visa, Johnson & Johnson, Tiffany & Co., Samsung, and many others. We thank our clients for the opportunity to help them build effective partnerships with their agencies.

We also recently reached out to some of the smartest marketers we’ve worked with to elicit their own direct points of view on the issues. We gathered input from agency executives from the top creative, media, PR, and digital networks in the world. What follows are best practice guidelines that can help marketers plan and execute more productive agency reviews that lead to stronger client agency partnerships.


  • Deciding when to conduct an agency search
  • What precipitates an agency review?
  • Organizing for the search
  • Selecting a new agency
  • Case studies: Johnson & Johnson, Samsung, Levi’s, General Motors
Winning at Agency Search