This report looks at more than 400 KOL’s in China, for the first time, in a highly quantitative way using deep analysis of Mentions, Likes, Reposts, Sentiment, and Engagements. It doesn’t rely on hearsay and rumor – it relied on data. Bomoda and R3 are collaborating in China to give transparency to the world of Social and E-Commerce. While this is a new partnership, our collective management teams have years of history in the Middle Kingdom.

Our goal is simple – improved insights will lead to better business decisions and results. To produce this report, we didn’t rely on prior wisdom or a consumer survey – we spent countless hours analyzing several thousand Key Opinion Leaders (“KOLs”) talking about or being discussed in tandem with 25 of China’s leading luxury, fashion, and beauty brands. This painstaking analysis looked at mentions, reports, likes, reads, sentiment, purchase, intent, and total engagement – to form an overall picture of the strongest brands and the strongest opinion leaders. We hope you enjoy the first of our regular reports.

KOL China