November 1 – During an exclusive roundtable event hosted by R3 in Jakarta, marketing and marketing procurement leaders from Bayer, Combiphar, Danone, Green Asia Food, Heineken, Kenvue, PZ Cussons, Samsung, and Telkomsel, gathered to discuss how brands can optimize agency partnerships to drive more value.

For agency partnerships to be truly accountable, brands must closely monitor their performance. However, marketing and procurement teams often face challenges such as agencies are not incentivized to be efficient, a high risk of budget fluctuation, and a lack of transparency on resource commitment. Competition across scope and fees when working with multiple agencies within holding companies further complicates the optimization of these partnerships.

To guarantee alignment with initial expectations when the partnership began, enabling us to evaluate performance through tangible results and increase accountability, reviewing the agency partnership structure is the first step toward establishing an ecosystem that can facilitate growth in ambition and scale.

Working Together

Our consultants and strategists help marketing and procurement teams matrix their entire partnership ecosystem so they can build marketing capability aligned to core business priorities and forecast talent needs. This includes delivering insights into the marketing organizational structure of competitors, needs-based remuneration models and North Star examples.

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