October 19 – R3 and adobo organized a marketing roundtable in Philippines, attended by professionals from Cebu Pacific Air, FWD, Globe, Cosmetique Asia, L’Oreal, and GoTyme Bank, who shared their experiences and opinions around Generative AI.

As ways of working evolve and new roles, such as Prompt Engineers, emerge, striking a balance between speed, efficiency, and quality remains a challenge for brands. Some brands might assume that the cost of talent and price of work will decrease. However, the resource required to choose the right candidates and organize these new creators invariably increases.

To maximise the potential of AI, brands could start by reviewing internal marketing organization, external partnership ecosystem, and relevant talent. It is also important to preserve the unique value that humans bring to the creative process.

Working Together

Our consultants and strategists help marketing and procurement teams matrix their entire partnership ecosystem so they can build marketing capability aligned to core business priorities and forecast talent needs. This includes delivering insights into the marketing organizational structure of competitors, needs-based remuneration models and North Star examples.

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