Gucci, China

This month, we narrow in on the luxury sector, which is recovering from some tough declines in past years. In our most recent wave, we analyzed in detail the performance of eleven of the strongest brands in this space in China. Amongst those, Gucci led the way in terms of overall awareness online, followed closely by Armani and Hermes.  When we probed deeper into Favorite Brand Online, the positions were reversed with Armani leading the way.

Favourite Luxury Brand, China, 2016

A standout campaign for Gucci this month was the “No Longer / Not Yet” art exhibition at the Shanghai Minsheng gallery. Through a clever integrated online campaign, Gucci was able to share the curation nationally and globally through strategic KOL’s as well as through Weibo, WeChat and Baidu. The Italian company also partnered with Uber and other celebrities to create stronger engagement and drive recall. Amongst the hundreds of campaigns R3 reviewed, this was one of the strongest performers.

See some of the campaign elements below.