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40 of the World’s Most Innovative Marketing Technology Companies

When we talk about emerging technology with marketers, the response is usually excitement mixed with hesitancy. Great idea, but where do I start?

To help marketers navigate their way, R3 has published Future40, an overview of 40 companies making real change for their clients. The book includes a broad overview of 12 technology disciplines and provides starter guidelines if you’re considering implementing technologies like AR, Blockchain or Neuromarketing.

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Holding Companies Watch As M&A Activity Hits $13.6bn

Holding companies have kept the volume of acquisitions for the first half of the year in the low-single digits. WPP and Omnicom made no deals in 1H 2019, while Publicis positioned itself as an outlier in its $4.4bn acquisition of Epsilon. This is the second year in a row where the top 10 list of buyers only featured 2 holding companies.

“The high rollers of marketing M&A continue to be consultancies, private-equity groups and technology companies,” said Paull. “Holding companies have their focus elsewhere as they urgently need to work out new business operating models as consultancies edge into the industry and in-housing grows in popularity with clients.”

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Digital Decisions: Who’s Calling the Shots?

Who influences where digital media budget gets spent? This was a key question in a recent review we undertook of the $8.8bn digital advertising market in Australia. What we found was that strong influencers include external and internal parties and that their impact on the final decision is largely determined on when their involvement takes place across the “Moments of Truth” of media investment.

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2020 China Agency Scope

Over the past 14 years, R3 has invited top marketers and industry professionals to participate in China Agency Scope, one of the most in-depth and comprehensive 360º analysis for agency brands. In 2018, we interviewed 250 brands, and more than 90 creative, digital, and media agencies. We’ve started our 2020 study and invite agencies to sign-up if they want to better understand their current market positioning and learn how to strategically respond to evolving markets trend in China.

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R3 Celebrity Index: Versace’s New China Face Tops List

In our a monthly ranking of China’s most influential celebrities based on the country’s most important social media platforms (from Weibo and WeChat to Toutiao and Baidu), heated debate around the suitability of Versace’s first-ever Chinese ambassador rockets the brand’s spokeswoman to first place.

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