Earlier this week, Marketing reported news that senior vice president sales and marketing at Singapore Airlines (SIA) Group, Campbell Wilson has been reinstated as CEO of SIA’s fully-owned subsidiary Scoot…

Adding on to the conversation, R3’s co-founder and principal Shufen Goh said that having a CEO who understands marketing will allow for the company to be more obsessed with customer perception and experience, and reorganise the company structure and resources around making marketing more accountable for business. She added that having a CEO with a strong understanding of marketing also allows for the debunking of the myth that marketing is half art and half science. “With the technology available to marketers these days, more can be measured and refined than ever before,” she said, adding:

In many companies that do not have a strong marketing culture, the role of marketing and its impact on business is not well understood. It’s still seen as an expense rather than investment.

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