This white paper on digital video is designed to give marketers and their agencies some insight into:

  • Who are the key stakeholders in the online video industry ecosystem and what do they bring to the table?
  • What are the trends and areas of growth in China’s online video landscape?
  • What does the future of cross-screen media look like?

With nearly 80% of China’s netizen population now viewing online videos from multiple channels, marketers and their agencies are faced with the challenge of re-evaluating where they put their marketing dollars and integrating content with newly emerging platforms and technologies. Along with an overview of the Chinese online video market, this white paper provides an analysis of emerging trends among key players in the industry. For this report, we drew from three sources: R3 Enspire, China Digital Media Survey, and China Agency Scope.


  • The current state of China’s online video market
  • Trends among key influencers
  • Innovating the future of cross-screen media
  • Moving forward in the evolving marketplace of online video
Winning at Online Video in China
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