ANA – Brands cannot blindly lean into AI-powered digital tools, tech stacks, and other software platforms without asking hard questions of their internal teams, digital and creative agencies, and technology vendors. Otherwise, marketers risk reputational damage from ad platforms with biased targeting, a customer experience (CX) that can offensively misidentify patrons, and/or bad actors inputting wrong data to throw off the results.

Some marketers are letting their peers take the risks while learning from afar, according to Craig Stein, senior consultant at ANA member R3, whose clients include Mastercard, McDonald’s, and Samsung.

“No brand wants to be the one to make the first big public catastrophic move based upon a biased model,” Stein says. “Bias is a critical piece of where we stand with AI right now, and given its complexity and subjectivity, it’s going to remain one of the most imperative areas for the industry to understand, optimize, and overcome.”

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