Global independent marketing consultancy, R3, has announced the release of a new suite of digital tracking services to help marketers assess how their social, influencer, search, and e-commerce marketing measures up against others in their industry.

SocialTrack, InfluencerTrack, eCommTrack, and SearchTrack have been developed to deliver business relevant metrics that help marketers improve performance across four key areas of marketing. Each digital tracking service uses bespoke audits available on a quarterly or annual basis to deliver in-depth reports with customized, strategic, and tactical recommendations.

“R3’s new suite of digital tracking services presents decision-makers with strong supporting data that supports strategy and investment, and provides insight into key implications for their brand,” says Greg Paull, Co-founder & Principal at R3.
“Our approach is different from other evaluations on the market in that they go beyond numbers. Each service delivers quantitative benchmarking of key metrics, success factors for the channel, best practice guidelines, and insight into creative and innovative strategies used by competitors across a variety of digital channels.”

  • SocialTrack identifies performance gaps, including which markets are overexposing ads or underleveraging paid ads on social media. Marketers will also be able to identify best performing content types and format, while spotting anomalies and possible ad fraud.
  • InfluencerTrack analyzes influencer quality, competitor performance, and influencer effectiveness on a quarterly basis. The reporting function provides both granular and contextual information on a brand’s influencer reach, engagement, relevance, and audience quality.
  • eCommTrack delivers a quarterly or annual evaluation of brand and competitor experience, product ratings and reviews, SEO visibility, share-of-shelf, and more. The review process is capable of analyzing tens of thousands of product detail pages, arming marketers with competitor analysis and insights to create best practice playbooks.
  • SearchTrack produces a quarterly report on Search Performance, looking at always-on and tactical search campaigns at a keyword level. Using Auction Insights to benchmark share of voice, marketers can use R3’s quantitative benchmarking and qualitative learnings to fine-tune their brand’s Search strategy. Best practice evaluation also provides insight into budget management, bidding models, testing, and optimization.

Please contact Sarah Tan [email protected] (+1 646 416 8088) or Divya Kopparapu ([email protected]) with any inquiries.