R3’s private marketing roundtable in Jakarta saw senior marketing leaders from GoPlay, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark Softex, MRT Jakarta, PZ Cussons, and Unilever come together to discuss issues related to agency partnerships. They shared their experiences on aligning the marketing organization to serve current and future ambitions, to building cohesive partnership ecosystems, to the most effective remuneration models for paying agency partners according to various brand needs.

Successful marketing requires a focused strategy and an outstanding team to bring it all together. It is vital to identify an effective marketing organizational structure that works for your company as it determines the leadership chain and business goals. Based on R3’s seven types of modern marketing organizations, there is no one-size-fits-all structure. However, they all serve the same purpose: to create a system that enables Marketing to function effectively and achieve business goals.

As local Indonesia brands set their sights on going global, marketers first need to gather insights of their brand’s current position compared to global competitor brands. Reviewing the agency partnership structure is the first step to creating an ecosystem that can facilitate this growth in ambition and scale.

Part of this review should include a relook at the remuneration model to motivate agency partners to focus on results, align on the definition of success, and develop consistency across agency fees. While the industry faces a talent crunch, brands could conduct regular performance evaluations to track against agreed KPIs and maintain brand-agency alignment.

 Working Together

Our consultants and strategists help marketing and procurement teams matrix their entire partnership ecosystem so they can build marketing capability aligned to core business priorities and forecast talent needs. This includes delivering insights into the marketing organizational structure of competitors, needs-based remuneration models and north star examples. If you’re looking for a comprehensive report and would like to get in touch with our team, please contact us.