Priya Jean Alexander

R3 grows its media practice in Asia Pacific with the hire of Priya Jean Alexander, former Managing Director of PHD Singapore. Priya brings over 16 years of strategic business and marketing experience to her senior role at R3 where she works across global, local and regional clients. Her agency experience spans three networks and several brands, including Procter & Gamble and Singapore Tourism Board.

As the leading independent marketing consultancy in the region, R3 has doubled its media and financial consulting team over the past twelve months; Priya being the latest senior hire to R3’s Singapore office.

“Marketers are very much awake to the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability in media, which is increasing the demand for external expertise,” says R3 Co-founder and Principal, Shufen Goh. “But to drive development within the business and to ensure that relationships are maintained with agency partners, you need people who inherently understand client goals and how agencies and media work. Priya is a great example of someone who has that combination of knowledge and practice.”

“So much has evolved in media but so much has also stayed the same. Marketers have been focused on building products and internal capabilities that help them go to market with speed, but now there is a trend back to understanding the bigger picture, implementing first principles thinking and defining impact,” says Priya. “I’m looking forward to working with marketing teams to craft a deeper understanding of the value that the marketing function can deliver to their organizations.”