R3 hosted two roundtables in Jakarta for senior procurement and marketing professionals discussing the Analogue Switch Over (ASO) in Indonesia, on 7 and 9 March 2023. The events were attended by professionals from GoTo, KG Media, Kraft Heinz, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Nestlé, Telkomsel, and Tokopedia, who shared their experiences and opinions around brand reach and measurement during ASO.

While broadcast TV remains a key enabler for advertisers to reach audiences in Indonesia, the prevalence of social media and mobile use also presents opportunities for brands to consider an omni-channel approach with the consumer at the centre.

With the ongoing ASO, brands are concerned about audience retention. Brands need to lean into their measurement and agency partners to attain clear analysis of the actual audience consumption before making any strategic changes.

Future-proofing of overall measurement frameworks will be an ongoing topic as both marketers and procurement continue to question if CPRPs should remain the gold standard of TV cost analysis, or if there should be an alternative currency which includes attention as a metric.

Moving forward, marketing ROI will be the lens that marketers are hoping to use as their media measurement frameworks evolve.

Working Together

Our consultants and strategists help marketing and procurement teams matrix their measurement frameworks and partnership scope of work to ensure effective media spend. This includes delivering insights into current working processes and organizational structure, and brand performance evaluation across omni-channels. If you’re looking for a comprehensive report and would like to get in touch with our team, please contact us.