R3 Co-founder & Principal, Shufen Goh participated in a panel discussing the relationship between marketing and finance at Campaign360, Campaign’s flagship conference on the business of advertising in Singapore. Other panellists included: Dominique Touchaud (P&G), Anne-Gaelle Gonet (British Council) and Kyoko Matsushita (Essence).

“It feels like we are always doing therapy for clients between finance and marketing,” concurred Shufen Goh, principal and co-founder of R3. From her perspective, one of the problems feeding into this disconnect is that marketing doesn’t always tell their story as well as they could. “Everyone understands sales… but there’s a layer of KPIs beneath sales that marketing is responsible for, that is not widely understood by CFOs. Perhaps marketing hasn’t done that good a job of explaining that.”

Goh also commented that the “wrong” measurements are often still being used in these discussions, which doesn’t help understanding. “A lot of our clients are still using a model developed in the days when a lot of the budget was going to TV… There’s no lack of will, but I think there’s a lack of creativity in how you use numbers to tell the story.”

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