Each month, Jing Daily and R3 brings you a list of the most influential celebrities in China. For full commentary, read the article here.

CelebritiesPinyinEn Name
蔡徐坤Cai Xukun Kun Cai
杨幂Yang MiMini Yang
赵丽颖Zhao LiyingZanilia Zhao
关晓彤 Guan XiaotongGabrille Guan
王源Wang YuanRoy Wang
邓伦Deng LunAllen Deng
于朦胧Yu Menglong Alan Yu
王俊凯Wang Junkai Karry Wang
易烊千玺 Yiyang QianxiJackson Yi
杨紫Yang Zi Andy Yang
张艺兴 Zhang YixingLay Zhang
吴亦凡Wu Yifan Kris Wu
鹿晗 Lu HanHan Lu
朱一龙 Zhu Yilong Yilong Zhu
苏芮琪Su Ruiqi Sury Su
黄子韬Huang ZitaoTAO
AngelababyYang Ying Angelababy
曾舜晞Zeng Shunxi Joseph Zeng
杨洋Yang YangYang Yang


The following ranking of the 20 top celebrity influencers in June is calculated by using data from Weibo’s Fan Base (calculating Activity, Adorable, and Social Influence Indexes), Toutiao, Baidu, and WeChat.

Weibo assumes the most weight, as it’s the platform where fan engagement can be traced. The Baidu, Toutiao, and Wechat indexes are more based on search behavior. The data from Weibo helps indicate the commercial value of each celebrity, especially for the Adorable Index where fans actually use a pay function to express their admiration for a celebrity.

  • Activity Index: The Activity Index counts the number of interactions on Weibo, which is a statistical indicator of interactions (including forwarding, commenting, likes, replying to comments, and comment likes on Weibo) generated by the content posted by the star over the past 30 days (including posts and comments).
  • Adorable Index: This refers to the fans’ contribution to the celebrity. Weibo has a mechanism where fans can contribute their admiration to the celebrity by giving virtual flowers which aren’t free. The adorable index is generated from the number of flowers the celebrity receives monthly.
  • Social Influence Index: There’s a large number of users publishing microblogs daily that mention celebrities. These microblogs are read by other users, and the number of readings reflects the recent popularity of a celebrity. In addition, a large number of users search for celebrities on Weibo every day, and the search volume generated also reflects the recent popularity of those celebrities. This data adds up to the social influence index of the celebrity.