China’s Mobile Leaders Decide

27 November, 2016

This month, Chinese mobile giant Huawei wrapped up their European review with the appointment of Doner London to handle the creative, digital, BTL and social efforts ...

China’s Mobile Leaders Decide2021-02-20T05:35:45+08:00


Beauty, Sports Players Decide

27 October, 2016

This month, beauty leader Coty, now with an expanded portfolio of brands from P&G, split their global business between incumbent Zenith and Mediacom. Elsewhere, in the R3 managed New ...

Beauty, Sports Players Decide2021-02-20T06:26:07+08:00


Tech Giants, McDonald’s Decide

27 September, 2016

It was mostly good news for Omnicom Group agencies this month, as both AT&T and McDonald’s, two of the US’s top ten marketers, confirmed additional business with the holding ...

Tech Giants, McDonald’s Decide2021-02-20T06:38:35+08:00


Telecom, Tech Leaders in Review

27 July, 2016

This month saw one of the US’s largest advertisers,AT&T, review their Creative and Media in a major initiative, feeling ongoing pressure from Verizon,T-Mobile and ...

Telecom, Tech Leaders in Review2021-02-20T08:32:59+08:00


McDonald’s, Digital in Review

28 May, 2016

It is an active month for Digital Reviews with Asics, Clorox, JM Smucker and BMW’s MINI all seeking new partners to optimize their online activities. The big review of the month ...

McDonald’s, Digital in Review2021-02-20T08:52:12+08:00


Auto Leaders Seek New Agencies

28 April, 2016

In this month’s Pitch Report, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Infiniti and Nissan are all seeking new agency partners in different parts of the world, as the automotive sector continues to prove ...

Auto Leaders Seek New Agencies2021-02-20T09:00:59+08:00


P&G Realigns Key Brands

28 March, 2016

As part of P&G’s global mission to reduce brands and agencies, Publicis Worldwide has consolidated a number of new business as part of a global review. P&G’s CFO announced last year that ...

P&G Realigns Key Brands2021-02-20T08:21:29+08:00


Ooredoo Myanmar Settles Creative, Digital, Media and PR Agencies

1 February, 2016

Following the four-month pitch, managed by marketing consultancy R3, Ooredoo selected TBWA Thailand as its creative agency, independent Southeast Asian agency Phibious to manage digital and handed its media and PR work ...

  • Ooredoo Myanmar
Ooredoo Myanmar Settles Creative, Digital, Media and PR Agencies2020-07-21T16:10:24+08:00


Apple Seeks Out New Digital Solutions

28 January, 2016

This month, Apple added two new agencies to their digital roster, bringing on Omnicom’s Critical Mass and Brooklyn based Work & Co globally. Work & Co was recently featured in ...

Apple Seeks Out New Digital Solutions2021-02-20T07:59:56+08:00
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